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Sometimes you exercise empirical knowledge in making decisions. Sometimes doing so, the choices you make are the right ones and sometimes not, because empirical data isn't always factually substantiated.

Case in point is a story I've heard: Great grandma makes a roast. She always cuts the ends off, puts it in a roasting pan, cooks it, then everyone eats a delicious meal. Grandma does the same. Mother does the same, then the child, through experience, also does the same.

As I said, I really wanted a Sonata. I researched it for almost three years, having lost a vehicle to Hurricane Sandy back in 2012. I was dead set on the Sonata, never wavering or giving an inch.

Fast forward to 2015, three years later. My wife and I are finally ready to make our Sonata purchase. We picked everything out, trim, options, etc. Only one problem, it is TEN inches too long to fit in my garage. My heart is broken. I then start searching for a replacement. Looking at Nissan, Honda, Toyota. Completely crushed I resign to the fact I'll never have my Sonata, then a stroke of genius hits me - get an Elantra!!!!! It looks almost identical, has all the same bells and whistles, and, FITS IN MY GARAGE!!! 2012 Elantra Limited, Sky Blue Metallic paint - SOLD!!

Moral of the story: Ask your great grandmother why she cut the ends off the roast and apply it to your Hyundai purchase decisions.

Great Grandma's answer: "Silly child...I cut the ends off the roast because it wouldn't fit in the pan."

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