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I did it

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Purchased my 2023 Elantra w/ Convenience package yesterday
So far realy like it, \Handles well with those Kumho tires
My 6ft4' 200 lbs fits in pretty good, Now getting in and out is a little issue but I am 70 y/o lol
Now learning about all the stuff and how to run it right
I do like the Bun warmer twas 35* this am
I took a better picture but for some reason my I prone 11 will not sent them out to my e mail ?

But you know what they look like

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Looking at that deep snow I can see how seat heaters would be a good thing.

Let us know how you like driving the car. We've not had a significant snowfall in Missouri since I bought my car, but I'm told the all season tires do well in moderate amounts of the white stuff.

Hope you have many trouble free miles.
Thank you pretty happy so far ! I will be sad when I look at my bank account lol
I got $750.00 off Military discount and $500.00 off dealer choice. Plus a bit of trade in for my 12 y/o HHR . Still got beat on the trade in but easier then private sale

That is not deep snow lol, Most of it melted !
The snow bank at the end of driveway was about 5 1/2 feet and snow on edge of driveway was 3 to 4 feet :O
On my Elantra All I can say is wow pretty impressive . Better then I thought it would be !
Trying to learn how to use all the goodies the Convience package came with !
1 - 2 of 3 Posts