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I did it

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Purchased my 2023 Elantra w/ Convenience package yesterday
So far realy like it, \Handles well with those Kumho tires
My 6ft4' 200 lbs fits in pretty good, Now getting in and out is a little issue but I am 70 y/o lol
Now learning about all the stuff and how to run it right
I do like the Bun warmer twas 35* this am
I took a better picture but for some reason my I prone 11 will not sent them out to my e mail ?

But you know what they look like

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Looking at that deep snow I can see how seat heaters would be a good thing.

Let us know how you like driving the car. We've not had a significant snowfall in Missouri since I bought my car, but I'm told the all season tires do well in moderate amounts of the white stuff.

Hope you have many trouble free miles.
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