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Hyundai's Zombie Survival Elantra Coupe Takes Shape

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These are the first photos of the real-life version of the 'zombie survival' Hyundai Elantra Coupe that was created in celebration of the 100th issue of The Walking Dead comic series, and which will be officially revealed at this week's Comic-Con International festival that opens later today in San Diego.

The images you see here are from the early development stages and preview some of the upgrades we will see on the conceptual model such as the off road tires with metal spikes and the armored windows for protection from the zombie apocalypse.

The comic-themed Elantra Coupe was designed by The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman and fabricated by Design Craft, an Illinois-based engineering firm that specializes in the creation of prototype models.

We will bring you more photos as soon as Hyundai officially reveals the Elantra Coupe study.

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The real life car looks very close to it's renderings here, but I think if they did some air brushing to include the same effect as seen in the picture above it would be even cooler.
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