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Hyundai launching extended-wheelbase Elantra for China

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Hyundai is reportedly adding a few extra inches to the Elantra in a bid to snag more sales in China. According to Bloomberg, the Korean manufacturer is opening a new $1 billion facility in Beijing to will produce a new, slightly longer version of the Elantra Sedan. The four door will also be a bit taller as well. Hyundai says young buyers want a car that looks as premium as possible, even in the small-car segment. As such, some exterior tweaks may be in the works. Meanwhile, Hyundai is also looking to push luxury models like the Genesis Sedan.

Last year, the automaker managed to move 757,583 units, a 6.7-percent increase over 2010. The Chinese auto market grew by just 5.2 percent by comparison. All told, Hyundai has worked its way up to become the fourth best-selling brand in China, behind Volkswagen, Nissan and Toyota.

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Its not a bad idea to make a plant in China, the economy is really growing there. Just like alot of the rival manufacturers the auto manufacturer market is really building up. I d like to see how much they can evolve the elantra and keep it in the same price range.
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