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Hyundai Elantra, Hyndai Genesis Sedan make ‘Best Value’ list

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Financial services provider USAA named both the 2012 Hyundai Elantra and 2012 Hyundai Genesis Sedan as 2012 “Best Value” vehicle picks.
USAA rated cars in 16 different categories with a proprietary vehicle rating system using quantitative data that takes factors such as cost, safety, reliability and fuel economy into consideration. Both Hyundai vehicles were recognized for offering the best financial value in their respective segments. The Elantra topped the small sedan category and the Genesis sedan won in the large luxury sedan category.
Elantra also made it onto USAA’s Top 10 for Teens list. The list was compiled from the results of a recent survey that identified the top 10 USAA Preferred vehicles that possess reliability, a high safety rating and affordable auto insurance.
Additionally, four Hyundai vehicles were also recognized with the USAA Preferred designation: Sonata (midsize sedan), Accent (small sedan), Genesis Coupe (large luxury sedan), and Santa Fe (midsize SUV).
“The goal of the list is to help members identify vehicles that typically offer better safety ratings, lower insurance premium costs, higher fuel economy, better overall reliability and lower MSRP compared to other vehicles in the same category,” said Steve Thompson, assistant vice president, USAA, in a statement.
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I feel that the elantra should be taking over this segment for at least the next few years. Much like how Civics were the best valued car throughout the last decade. I can't seem them or any other company wrestling that away from Hyundai for some time.
Im surprised the Sonata is not listed their. The amount of Sonata's I see outnumber Elantra's by far, and it's not just that. Go on any Sonata forum and you'll see how much people love their Sonata's.
Sonatas are great. Though I never hear about the Azera. That's a quality car as well. How that car doesn't receive any recognition at all?
Sonatas are great. Though I never hear about the Azera. That's a quality car as well. How that car doesn't receive any recognition at all?

It is higher priced than the Sonata or Elantra as they are only entry level cars in their class. Azera is not really aimed around value as much as the Sonata is, it's more of a car you buy for the high tech features and the status that comes with it.
Hyundai is showing the japanese car makers how fa they have come with just one car, and thats the Elantra. Holding the best value compact title. Back then common compacts like Civic and Corolla would be mention and thought of first. But in recent years Hyundai has changed that.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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