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Hyundai launches yet another of its masterpieces in the market. The new Hyundai Elantra GT is selling like hot cakes, and has propelled the sales record for the company.

The five door version of the car has not failed to attract attention from the customers. Both the two doors coupe version and the sleek five door version are gaining huge popularity.

The most impressive aspect of the car is the styling. Being a five door car spacious enough to seat four, Elantra GT still maintains its sleek look. There is also a version available with two big sunroofs that give the car the look of an almost convertible.

The car is not exactly a power packed one. It is not built for speed. The car is sleek but not grand and should not be confused with the grand touring vehicles launched by other manufacturers. It is a modest car with all the basic facilities.

The 110 cubic inch engine driving with 148hp cannot produce enough power to evolve the car into a sports car. The motor has a capacity of 1.8 litres and this also does not support great speed.

The car is comfortable enough and gives a smooth drive under normal circumstances. Due to its sleek design, the car is fit for taking out to small trips any time of the day. The car is suitable for drivers of all age categories and this is one of the driving reasons for its popularity.

The car has a satisfactory transmission system. The suspension of the car is also in tune with the modest yet comfortable and smooth engine that the car has. The tyre base and the wide tyres make it a smart and secure drive.

The car comes with a number of additional features like front seat heaters, great audio systems, a console designed to please the tech savvy youth. These additional features add to the appeal of the car and make it more suitable for a quick drive.

The interior designing on the car is also very satisfactory. The car offers leather fittings and stylish interiors. This gives a feel of owning a luxury car at a very modest and affordable price.
The base price of the car is about 20,000 dollars. Adding all the exclusive features the price still remains under 25,000 dollars. The car is within an affordable range and this also is one of the main reasons why the car is so popular.

For 25,000 dollars you can get the whole style package. The style package contains the huge sunroofs. Along with the sunroof come some high definition touch screen display and the audio systems, a rear view camera and other very attractive features.

The car has received great reviews from the critics. It is coined as the economy car of the decade. It truly gives a chance to all sectors of the society to have the pleasure of owning a car. Thus to conclude we can say that although the car is not in the same category with the sports and luxury cars, it is still a good catch.

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