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Hyundai Elantra Coupe Gets Ready for Zombie Apocalypse- Video

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Hyundai is teaming up with the creator of the comic book series The Walking Dead, to create a specially outfitted Elantra coupe, ready for all the obstacles a zombie apocalypse has to offer.

The Hyundai undead program is celebrating the 100th issue of the Walking Dead comic book that will be coming out in early July at the Future US booth on the Comic-Con floor. Along with the new comic, an Elantra Coupe decked out in zombie fighting outerwear will also adorn the booth.

Some of the known modifications coming to the Elantra coupe are a front-end custom zombie plow cow catcher with spikes, slatted armored window coverings, a roof hatch to allow passengers to pop up and shoot, an electric rear trunk to house weapons, all‐terrain/rally type tires, weapons storage compartments, a CB radio/PA system and more.

This campaign is another attempt by the Korean brand to connect with generation Y, the young people of today who seem to not be all that interested in cars. By incorporating the zombie theme, Hyundai hopes to attract some youthful buyers to the showroom.

Watch a behind the scenes video below detailing the creation of the Elantra Coupe zombie machine.

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Pretty cool idea behind this specific Elantra, never thought a compact Elantra would suit the Zombie Apocalypse theme as well as it did. But I'd rather see a Hyundai SUV do the job as SUV's are more rugged and well suited for a job like driving through zombies.
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