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Good day everyone,

I own a 2014 Hyundai Elantra GLS AT and it has 97000 kms on it. I recently moved from Toronto to NWT (where the temperature goes to -51 C). I was away for a month and when I got back the engine started making knocking sounds. The second issue that came up shortly is that when it heats up a bit after a 10-15 mins drive, whenever the car goes below 1000 rpm (at turns or when I brake or I slow down), it stalls showing the engine, battery and another light. I will have to come to a complete stop to start it again and then that repeats. It goes away once the car cools down and comes back after a 10-15 mins drive.
The local mechanic in the town who are not experts, changed the oil twice and found some particles in it and also scanned it without finding any codes. They were scared to open the engine for sure. Now they are suggesting me to replace the engine and to do that I will have to go to the nearest city which is 14 hours away. I still feel that this issue can be fixed without replacement. Would like to know your thoughts.

Please note that the engine had no block heater and there were no recalls on this VIN.

Appreciate any help.

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