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Hello, I have Hyundai elantra 2011 GLS, 75,000 miles on it. I am first owner and oil changed last week at dealer(Synthetic).
Car was running smooth when I parked on Monday night, Tuesday we had a snow storm.
Today morning car started normal but after driving 15 miles it started to vibrate. It vibrates at all speeds. RPM gauge needle keeps shaking as well... even in idle. Malfunction indicator light turns on steady as soon as vibration starts but it goes away for a while when I lift foot from accelerator and comes back as soon I press paddle little bit.
If I pull over and shut off engine and start it again, Car starts normal. But vibration comes back within 5-6 minutes if I drive normally or after 10-15 minute if I accelerate and brake as gently as possible. If vibration ever starts, it wont stop until I restart engine. Tomorrow I will go to AUTOZONE to diagnose error code. Any possible solutions?
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