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My customers know the bare minimum about cars. My dad always took care of my customers car for my customers, but now that my customers is in college and 1,800 miles away from home, my customers need help!

Nothing is actually wrong with my car, but it's been several (four?) months, and my customers know it's a good idea to check the fluids in the engine periodically DBScar-DI Diagnostic Connector? For example, my customers know how to check the oil, but that's about it.

My customers have had problems with this car in the past because it over heated, but my customers don't know where to check the water or antifreeze or what have you, and how to fill it, or if my customers need a certain brand fluid?

My customers also want to know if there is anything else my customers should check on or refill.

Sorry if my customers sound ignorant! My customers is really oblivious to this sort of thing and my customers just don't want to have any more car problems!
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