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Minecraft is a game that’s renowned for its flexibility, and the creativity it gives players. There are few games out there today which really put the player in control, but this is definitely one of them. And that’s why it’s big news right now. How to Download Minecraft for Free

The game, created by Mojang, takes players into an incredible new world. As you explore the landscape you might notice that it’s not quite complete. It’s then up to you, as the player, to put the finishing touches on this magical 3D world on your mobile. You can do so by mining blocks, and crafting various buildings out of them. See how the game got its name now?

This unique game is enjoying a huge rise in popularity at the moment, and that shows no sign of slowing down. From its humble beginnings as an indie PC game, Minecraft has won over the hearts and minds of players to become a huge global hit.

If you’re one of the thousands of Minecraft fans out there, you’ll no doubt be keen to hear a few secret tips and tricks on how you can master this epic mobile game. We’ll unveil all, from how the mobile version of Minecraft differs from its PC counterpart, to the special features you can enjoy and the tips and tricks you can’t play without.

What Is Minecraft Pocket Edition?

Minecraft Pocket Edition is a specific version of Minecraft, developed with Android mobile users in mind. Whilst it lacks some of the features of the PC game, this is an impressive mobile-friendly game offering players a great experience from beginning to end. Play Minecraft With Friends - Minecraft tips

The spirit of the original game is alive and well in this fun, engaging and exciting mobile version. Players can choose between two options when they open the game: creative or survival.

Creative mode does exactly what it says on the tin. Players can explore the world and put their own stamp on it by building masterpieces of their own making. In survival mode, players can still do this, but they also need to watch out for troublesome monsters who lurk in the shadows and destroy their hard work.

The Special Features You Need to Know About

The Pocket Edition of Minecraft comes complete with plenty of features that make gaming on your mobile an incredible experience.

First things first. Let’s talk navigation. The control system on this game has arrows surrounding a jump button, which allows you to get around your virtual world. There’s an additional special feature in version 0.6.1, where you can hold the forward arrow to pull left, and tilt the screen to get a better view of your surroundings. This is also great if you do happen to come under attack!

The game includes other interesting features like one you’ll notice when you get to work on that mining. As you mine, you’ll see a halo emerge over your thumb. When you manage to break through your chosen blocks, you’ll notice a real jolt from your phone, via the vibrating function. This will leave you in no doubt that you’ve successfully mined that block. It’s a great feature.

Top Secret Tips and Tricks That Will Make You a Minecraft Pro

There are so many secrets just ready to be discovered when you play Minecraft on your mobile. Here are some of the best ones that we really recommend you brush up on!

Plant Seeds: Did you know about that mysterious “seed” section on the setup page? This section holds so many opportunities, it’s just a case of knowing how to use it. If you know any seed codes, you can enter them here and you’ll get an interested premade layout when you start the game. Try entering ‘Skyblock’ or ‘Watergate’ and see what happens.

Harvest Wood: It’s survival of the fittest in survival mode, so make sure you’re one of them by harvesting wood whenever and wherever you can. You can do this by punching trees! Punch enough times and a block of wood will appear, which you can then collect.

Get Crafty: A crafting table is a must when you play Minecraft in survival mode. It’ll help you make all the tools you need, and you can use it over and over again. As soon as your table is ready, begin by making a wooden axe and a pickaxe.

Mine for Coal: Coal is an absolute must in this game! You can get your hands on the fuel using your stone pickaxe. If you see rocks with flecked patterns on them that’s a good indication that there might be some coal housed within. You can also find it by digging down into the ground. minecraft who is notch

Let There Be Light: If there’s one thing that keeps those nasty monsters and mobs at bay, it’s light. So, make sure you’re equipped with a torch before night falls in your Minecraft world. You can also put torches by the entrance of your hiding place to keep yourself safe.


So, now you know a few of the essential tips and tricks you’ll need to master the world of Minecraft. Is it time to give the game a try? Download Minecraft Pocket Edition on Android right now to get started!
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