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at present the composite floor on the market basically has two kinds big: One kind is real wood composite floor; is aggrandizement another kind composite floor. These two kinds of composite floors are having the characteristic that differs severally, the requirement that be being used and upholds a respect is different also.
Floor of wood how?
Limited company of science and technology of Shenzhen city environment is to be engaged in research and development of wooden floor and pollution of precautionary home outfit, market, production, sale technically be the company of contemporary and new and high technology of an organic whole. The personnel of research and development that the company has exceeds employee number 30% , obtain national patent 2-3 every year, the company embraces on some intellectual property market prise 100 million yuan. company has patent of more than 10 countries, patent of its environmental protection is labelled by ministry of national science and technology torch plans to popularize a project, get funds of governmental scientific research is aided financially, be judged to be by bureau of national intellectual property have company of own intellectual property, it is achievement of Chinese ritzy science and technology is exhibited -- the ginseng of exhibition of new and high technology exhibits Shenzhen enterprise. company is the contriver of anion wood floor, its develop anion wood floor, home assembles pollution prevention product (a light, air purifies formaldehyde treasure, anion is ecbolic fluid) the product of new and high science and technology that belongs to quality of industry science and technology to precede.
already developed for group company, factory of two headquarters of a research, cent, shenzhen cent factory is engaged in the home technically holding the production of material of former oar of floor of pollution prevention and processing product, anion wood, have the ability; Yangzhou that produces per year 2000 tons to divide a factory to be engaged in anion wood floor technically producing, produce per year 3 million ㎡.
Company general manager Mr Zhou Zuquan discloses the malpractice that decorates industry existence now, deceit and the action that harm consumer socially since 2004, reach supervisory branch to offer product quality and the ask for an explanation that check and accept standard flaw to governmental government, become the environmental protection fighter of industry of Chinese building materials, his proposal is approbated by more and more consumer and technologist, the government sector adopts his to suggest to edit product quality and decorate check and accept a standard. Initiate by him made first environmental protection decorate a contract, the decorates standard, select material and construction method to become environmental protection to decorate guide that he offers.
Does old driver tell you how is the choose and buy composite floor?
One, solid wood adds up to floor and aggrandizement defect of composite floor actor
1, solid wood joins a floor board
Direct raw material is lumber, retained the advantage of floor of natural fact wood, grain nature, the foot feels comfortable, but exterior wearability is general.
2, aggrandizement is composite floor
Main raw material is trail material, branch material. Level off of surface of this kind of floor, decorative pattern is orderly, wearability is strong, facilitate maintain, but crural sense is better.
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