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In August, the Olympic Games in full swing in progress, the Chinese team to withstand the test of the Rio adventure, survived Rio toxic, but could not escape the referee's black whistle, and finally resorted to the primitive power ... ... Today, the Chinese furniture The power of the primitive people also full outbreak.
August 11, the 36th International Famous Furniture (Dongguan) Exhibition grand opening, the exhibition area of ​​710,000 square meters, 1036 exhibitors, the global furniture industry elite gathered together for the Chinese furniture refueling. Furniture as the three major exhibition in Guangdong in the autumn of the last position, the current Dongguan Furniture Fair particularly interesting. To this end, the Dongguan exhibition in the "cross-border integration, innovation and industry" under the banner of the integration of a more complete industrial chain,beach chair with canopy and footrest the market well-known brand furniture, custom furniture, soft fittings, space designers and their products, products Designers and works, real estate model, the Internet 家装, cabinets, smart home, VR technology, to promote the new home industry model, the new format there.
Here, let us take a look at this session of the Dongguan Furniture Fair which highlights it. American and new Chinese mutual "tear force"
As a set of modern furniture, Chinese furniture, mahogany furniture, American furniture, French furniture, soft furniture, European furniture, office furniture, children's furniture,portable reclining chair online dealers outdoor furniture, metal glass furniture and other multi-category furniture exhibition integration platform, the Dongguan Furniture Fair from Exhibitors and products, the United States and the new Chinese rivalry, mutual "tear force."
In Hall 3, Xiangxi Oriental, A Home, City Window, Rongfeng Furniture,eco-friendly competitive price rattan woven outdoor chair Yimu Concept, Tianyi Meijia and other famous furniture enterprises, the product style has a new American style, is a new Chinese style, or the integration of Chinese Jane The United States, or the integration of American-style modern furniture, which has become the current Dongguan Fashion Fair in the main theme of the product. And even industry experts after the visit that about 70% are new Chinese products. Although the United States, the new Chinese, as well as the Nordic, has become the future of Chinese furniture, the mainstream style, but only with original design value of innovative products to win market respect and favor.
Customization and VR technology development effort "Qi Fei"
In previous years, we have seen the Guangzhou Fair built "custom furniture" surging, and the current Dongguan Furniture Fair also no lack of custom home style. Such as the Golden Phoenix, Grand Mansion, Huichuang, famous villa, Mengsha, Chi Road, Tu Mai, in the deep home delivery, is still more, show Bo, Xin Mei, dream home, enamel blue and other home companies will launch customized products. Whether it is products, software, solutions,green bistro table set or custom services, customization in the next few years continues to be hot.
Relative to the custom, VR technology has become a hot home industry. The current Dongguan Furniture Fair such as cool home, Wrigley wardrobe, Yabo and other enterprises will be the main highlight of the promotion as VR, VR virtual scene experience, cloud technology experience and other intelligent technology for traditional furniture also injected new vitality. In particular, Shanghai love Fu Wo platform in Hall 1 to showcase their 3D technology, Shanghai Guju VR overall home improvement platform, with VR virtual reality system, cloud-based product model library and immersive experience, allowing owners to achieve free DIY, A key test equipment, real-time quotes, a key purchase and ahead of future home.
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