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It was 4 speed, but the transmission broke 3 times on me... I replaced it with a 5 speed at the age of 17 lol. I worked at a speed shop through my high school, I actually got to dyno it and it put down 63 horsepower and 80 ft/tq lol. A guy came in with a 3 inch stainless steel exhaust that he wanted taken off of his subaru wrx and he actually gave it to me. Of course i as a 17 yr old out of my mind i cut it up and with the help of my co worker we rewelded it to fit my excel. The head gasket blew, i replaced the engine and sold it a few years later.

I then had a few mitsubishi's mostly 2.0 turbo cars.

I had a 98 Elantra very reliable car, my girlfriend and i just bought a new Elantra Coupe SE and we love the thing.

I have currently a 95 Eagle Talon 2.0 turbo AWD with:
evo 8 wheels
evo 8 brembo's all around
lowered on budget ksport springs
3" ss turbo back exhaust with test pipe
magnecore wires
fresh rebuild on the transmission
pioneer speakers throughout the car 7 counting the sub
pioneer amp for the sub
alpine head unit
automeeter boost gauge
stock turbo
big race core fmic w/ss pipes 3"
245mm tires all around sits pretty sweet.

In the future id love to see hyundai back in WRC racing. the days of the accent were great i loved that car. i'd love to see a full WRC competitive Elantra racecar option by Hyundai. Which of course would hopefully provide the american market with a true evo/wrx/st Hyundai competitor. If Hyundai makes an awd full aluminum suspension heavy duty drivetrain with a 280hp+ powerplant i'd buy that car. I was almost ready to buy the Ford Focus ST but just on the rumors of a turbo elantra i'd like to wait and give it a chance, but unless it has some WRC or strong GT backbone I probably wont buy it.

Plans for the Coupe SE are:
a really nice compact subwoofer off of the hi voltage lines with a good amp.
a nice 2 way communication alarm/remote starter
maaaaaaaaybe if my girlfriend allows it a good drop on high quality suspension equipment more for comfort of course.

Eddie Rosado

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MTX is a decent amp with High-V ins. Check ebay, there are some nice suspension kits there with fully adjustable caster/camber plates to keep handling and road trac good whilst lowering it. Also some nice exhaust systems on there too, but pricey!
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