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Hello from Maine

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I am looking to get a 2023 Elantra SEL
so will be asking a few question.
My Daughter had 1 Elantra, 3 Tucscons She totaled 1 Tucson and walked away w/o a scratch
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Before you sign for the Elantra talk to your insurance carrier. Elantras built before 2022 do not have an engine immobilizer. A popular TikTok challenge shows punks how to pull out the ignition and steal the car, usually wrecking it. Many carriers won't write new policies on Elantras or will charge an eye-popping premium. While the 2023 has the immobilizer, many carriers put it in the same risk pool as those that don't.

As far as the car goes, it is geared for fuel economy and the acceleration, while adequate, is pretty tame. I do get great gas mileage -- 33 in the city and 44 mpg on the highway.

It is among the roomiest compacts. The Atkinson Cycle 2.0 engine seems, so far, to be durable -- a trait that can't be said for other Hyundai engines.

The engine is pretty tame at only 147 hp and 132 lb-ft of torque, but at 8.2 seconds zero to 60 it runs as fast as its peers. If you usually carry four onboard, or live in the hills, you will notice the modest torque.

The CVT transmission pretty good, for a CVT. It seems to slip on initial acceleration. Welcome to CVT land. They all do it.

Otherwise, the car seems well put together, particularly for the price.
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Forgot to mention, in my opinion the Elantra has the best combination of handling and ride of any of the compacts. The 107 inch wheelbase is longer than the Forte, Corolla and Jetta (which makes the cabin roomier), but is still short enough to be nimble. With the independent rear suspension, something that not all compacts have, the ride is on par with my Sonata.

One thing drives me crazy is the auto start-stop that shuts down the engine at a stoplight. You have to think to turn the damn thing off each time you get in the car. I guess all new cars have it.
Glad to see the insurance rates moderating. Hyundai-Kia is offering a software fix to stem the thefts. Hope that lowers the risk pool for us.

I guess the SEL still has the charcoal colored wheels. In my opinion they look horrid with Hyundai's blue paint. Dark wheels with black body color is too much. I think your choices of silver, gray and maroon are your best choices. Will probably come down to availability.

Hyundai in the Midwest is offering a $750 rebate on the Elantra this month.
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