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I have a 2020 Elantra SEL and within the past month and a half the speaker on the passenger front door started sounding like it were going bad. My local Hyundai dealer changed it and everything was fine for about 3 weeks. Now the drivers side front speaker and the passenger side rear door speaker are having the issue. I've been told by my neighbor (50+ year mechanic) that it's the head unit (radio) going bad not the speakers but if not replaced it will ruin all the speakers. I spoke to the same Hyundai dealership who replaced the first speaker and mentioned this they said they'll have to run a diagnostic test on it to determine if it is in fact the head unit. My issue with that is they replaced the speaker just because I said that's what it was and didn't run a diagnostic check on the sytstem. any advise as to how I can get this unit replaced if they come back and say nothing is wrong?
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