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gas mileage

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What improves gas mileage, cruise control or Smart Mode? I have a 2020 Value Edition. Thanks!
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I achieve great gas mileage using cruise control -- 44 mpg and up. Of course, I can only use cruise on two-lane highways and the interstate.

Not found a great deal of difference with Smart mode. My driving style is pretty conservative, which probably means I'm performing the Smart mode algorithm by myself.
Smart mode seems neither here nor there. I know specifically in my 2023 smart mode just means the computer monitors my pedal action and decides if it should quickly switch over to sport mode (ie for passing) or stay in normal mode. I don't imagine it truly makes a difference in mileage.

I use cruise control unless it's heavy snow making it dangerous and find it makes somewhat of a difference. If I'm maxing out mileage I'll pause cruise when I go down a hill so the IVT doesn't try to downshift. I've always found cvt transmissions don't compression brake very well anyways and if I can spot some extra momentum (without being dangerous) it's bonus mileage. Heres a photo from my last 3 hour~ drive on all highway. Half was at 60mph in two lane hilly hard corner terrain and half was 65mph on a divided highway flat similar to an interstate.

It's Canadian so it shows 4.2L per 100km but that translates to 56mpg. I did measure at the gas pump and confirmed it accurate.


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My 2022 elantra average 5 L per 100 km, just local driving 80KPH, 90KM
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