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August 29, Twelfth NPC Standing Committee held its first plenary meeting of the twenty-second meeting, one of the main elements is to consider the draft environmental taxes. In accordance with the "Legislative Law", included in the agenda of the Standing Committee of the Legislative Council, the general should be three meetings of the Standing Committee for consideration and then put to the vote. Industry experts expect the earliest draft of the green tax to be passed during the year.
According to the draft, China intends to levy an environmental protection tax,country french cane chairs and the current sewage charges as the minimum amount of environmental protection tax. "Pollution charges system for the prevention and control of environmental pollution has played an important role, but compared with the tax system, the sewage charges system rigid enforcement problems, local government and departmental intervention and other issues, it is necessary to carry out environmental protection tax." Minister of Finance Lou Jiwei said at the meeting. With the business tax to change the value-added tax and resource tax reform in an all-round way, the introduction of environmental taxes to become one of the focus of the market. To promote environmental protection tax reform, protection and improvement of the environment, reduce pollutant emissions, promote ecological civilization construction, August 29, the State Council on the proposed draft proposal to review the environmental tax. Entrusted by the State Council, Lou Jiwei made a note. He said that this legislation is in accordance with the "tax shift" principle, the current sewage fee system to the environmental tax system.
Supreme China Institute of Applied Law, said Jiang Huiling, China's current environmental protection and governance level and the western developed countries there is a big gap between the relevant laws and regulations and the system is still very imperfect, can not expect to rely on an environmental tax law to solve all the Environmental issues. It should be closely integrated with other environmental protection means,backpack with built in chair agent the environmental tax law and tax collection and management, environmental protection laws and other laws to coordinate coordination and cooperation, the water will be more green, the genius will be more blue. In fact, China's corporate income tax, value-added tax, consumption tax, resource tax, travel tax and other tax design, but also consider the environmental protection, so these taxes complement each other in order to play a greater role in environmental regulation.
At present, environmental taxes are generally considered to be local taxes,outdoor cast iron garden chair supplier but Zhu Weiqun thinks that since China's environmental pollution has become a national problem, the environmental protection tax revenue should be centralized by the central finance part of the local finance also need environmental protection tax revenue for the management of local environment Pollution. This requires the determination of the principle of sharing of environmental protection tax revenues and the associated distribution system.
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