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I will apologize now for the long post. I have been having starting issues with a 2011 Elantra GLS 1.8. I have posted a couple of threads looking for input and got some excellent suggestions but still no luck so I'll give it a try again and see if anyone can give any new info.
THis all started about 8 weeks ago, went to start car after sitting over night and car was dead, low battery, gave it a boost and it fired up fine so chalked it up to something being left on and it killed the battery. Everything was fine for a couple of weeks and then got a call from my daughter that she had stopped for gas and the car would not start. Figured it was the same thing again with the battery so prepared to go give it a boost and get it going. This time a boost did not work, when you turn the key it would just click the starter relay under the hood but no turn over so no start. At this point knowing what I know about mechanics I assumed it was the starter relay, I swapped out the relay with another in the box and at first it was still the same, went back the the fuse box and switched to another relay gave the fuse box a couple of light taps and bam it started. At this point I decided that it had to be a faulty relay, picked up a new one and everything seemed fine for about a day, LOL! Next day daughter took the car to get groceries, it started fine when leaving the house, she made a couple of stops, off and restart, prior to parking at the store, come out about 30 min later and sme thing again. Turn the key and the relay just clicks, engine doesnt turn so no start. I put the car i neutral to push it out of the spot so I could get my truck to the front thinking I had to boost it yet again but had to use the shift interlock, it would not shift out of gear putting foot on brake like usual, just figured it had something to do with power loss so didnt think much of it till I went back to the front of the car, asked my daughter to try it again and bamm the **** thing started. At this point Im scratching my head trying to figure out what electrical gremlins are running around in this thing.

Now we are about two weeks later, for what ever reason the car did not have any issues starting at all. did a couple of 100km trips, stops and starts and no issues. Then for no reason with my daughter driving on the highway at highway speed the engine quits, doesn't sputter or spit or do anything strange just just down and she coasts to a stop. Again I go through all the checks for battery, starter relay and such and no go. Turn the key, starter relay clicks but engine does not attempt to turn over. lots of juice, everything works but this time I notice no gear indicator on dash its just blank. Had the car towed home and after doing some research deducted that it must be the neutral safety switch that I keep seeing as a common problem. Now I have another issue, went to move the car into the garage and noticed that the gear shift was in drive, left that way from the tow truck operator and would not go past neutral even using the shift interlock. I had not looked at the car since it was dropped off at the house so didn't notice the shifter issue. What I found which I don't think is related to the no start issue but who knows, these Hyundai's im finding out are unique beasts when it comes to electrical and diagnostics, the shifter shaft was bent and would not slide back through the gate to the reverse then park position. I guess someone didnt think to use the shifter interlock and ended up bending the shaft yanking on it to get it out of park. I took the shifter apart straightened the shaft got all that working again but for some reason would still have to use the shift interlock to shift through the gears. At this point after doing some more research and discovering that the two brake lights were out that there must be an issue with the brake switch. Swapped in a new one and still the same thing, would not shift through gears when putting foot on brake and no brake lights. At this point Im ready to push this thing into oncoming traffic and look for a replacement, LOL! A little embarrassed to say this but then discovered that both brake light bulbs were blown, replaced both and now atleast I have brake lights but still no shifting and no starting.

So this is where Im at right now.
New neutral safety switch, went through the alignment procedure that I found in the forums, numerous times.
New brake switch.
Pulled every connection I could pull both power and ground, cleaned all and checked grounds for continuity, everything looks good.
Did the starter relay bypass test then pulled connections from starter cleaned and reinstalled, it all looked good and starter turns when jumped so thats not the issue.
checked every fuse and relay and when I say everyone I mean every single one. Tested all and all are good both under the hood and under the dash.
Pulled fuse box and checked for damaged wires, pulled computer and check harness as best I could with out stripping every bit of insulation from the harness which is probably not a good idea.
Checked the OBDII for codes but get nothing, haven't scanned for GDS codes as I don't have a scanner for that.
Even tried the relay bypass test to get it running, turn key to on position jump terminals in the fuse box at the starter relay, car turns over fine but no start.

So still no gear indication on the dash, shifter will not shift out of park with key turned on and foot on brake, starter relay clicks but not attempting to turn over engine. I did also notice that when you turn the key ahead the fuel pump does not come on. It all seems like a security or immobilizer issue but that's just a guess after banging my head on the wall about a hundred times.

Does anyone have any ideas of where to go next other than the dealer, which I dont think will reduce my frustration, or the junkyard??
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