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Hi everyone,

Hope I have the right place. I own a 2009 Hyundai Elantra Touring. I went to use my front wipers and fluid to clean off the windshield and no fluid came out. I know it worked a few weeks ago.

When I got it home I tried the rear wipers and fluid and everything worked fine, so I don't believe it's a motor issue. When I try the front I can't even hear the motor come on. I went under the car to look at the wiring around the motor, cleaned the contact and reattached and no change, I tried to see if maybe it was a clog but felt no fluid in the line when turning on, checked for a fuse but couldn't find one associated with it but because everything else is working I don't think that's it and I took apart the steering wheel area and removed the wiper switch control and took a peek inside and everything was moving ok etc and even checked the wiring and nada.

Only thing I can think that was out of the ordinary is that I know it worked a week or so ago when I took my car in to have 2 recalls done on it, door handles and heavy steering wheel. The power steering control unit was replaced, would that have effected any wiring for the front wiper fluid ? It hasn't worked since I got my car back but I didn't notice for over a week because it's summer and I hardly use any wiper fluid. Is there anything else I could try to do at home ?

I'm stumped :)

Thanks for any help or tips !
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