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fixation. 4, the floor gap is insufficient We all know that the installation of wood flooring is sufficient to reserve the gap, or solid wood flooring during the expansion of the naked eye is difficult to observe a slight arch, so that between the solid wood flooring and keel has been a gap, So when walking around the floor will be solid wood flooring friction generated friction. This sound is also very common, so when the installation is necessary to reserve sufficient gap, if this happens, do not rush to refurbish the deal, you

can generally look at the solid wood flooring damp after the Effect, if the solid wood flooring damp after a serious deformation, solid wood floor squeeze the special tight state but will no longer sound. 5, the moisture-proof membrane did not pad the installation of solid wood flooring moisture-proof membrane is not used to hold up the cushion, the ground moisture will flee into the back of solid wood flooring, solid wood flooring have a slight tile change and distortion in the keel above the solid wood floor as seesaw,

People will appear when moving sound, the general sound of this noise is very difficult to repair, the best way is to re-install. Solid wood flooring installation, the move around the sound is a very common phenomenon, as long as the wood flooring installation preparations before the installation, you can effectively avoid the installation of a similar problem. For more knowledge of the floor, please continue to pay attention to every home decoration. Related to: solid wood flooring scratches repair methods and
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