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measure the length of the wall, a hacksaw or cutter saw good gesso line length, gesso line up and make it clear, to put up gesso line, 45 degree Angle saw good at both ends, the gypsum powder mixed with water is good, can't add too much, otherwise you'll be hard, on both sides of the gesso line to evenly and then two people hold up gesso line
below, chalk line position on the wall, and hold 3 to 5 minutes, joint parts don't seal good place with gesso filling-in.Second, gesso line construction points 1. Basic level processing in place, gesso line is best when posted?Only basic level processing standard, is the important premise to ensure gesso line construction, how to just calculate
standard?Metope USES rule must be checked first after renovation, the second at the top of the wall have shaved 2 times putty, prominent visual surface is flat or concave parts of late only do this can ensure gesso line in the early period of the construction quality.2. Gesso line construction order: the first positive construction, start from the front,
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