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Elantra GT Winter Tires?

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What winter tires will you be using this winter on your Hyundai Elantra?
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I'm interested to see what people will go with, here. I haven't driven mine through a Minnesota winter yet, but it's coming. My old 2001 Focus ZX3 was awful with p205 tires, now I'm up to 215 which could be worse.

We'll see how the stock hankooks hold up.
I'm using Barum Polaris3's on the OEM 16" alloys. I'm impressed... still slippery in slushy conditions, but really, you're not going to stick to the road with any tire in slippery conditions. Compared to last winter on the factory tires... WAY better.. Oh and these are just as quiet as the factory tires!
I'm partial to Hankook Winter IPikes...they are bada$$ in the snow but I can't find them in this size...215/45/17.
Bridgestone Blizzaks have always been a favorite. I will continue to stick with them for years to come, even as my current set wears down to a point it needs to be replaced.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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