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Elantra GT, Coupe Performance Versions “Being Considered” Says CEO

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Hyundai North America CEO John Krafcik confirmed during a media event today that the company is considering a performance version of both the Elantra Coupe and GT.

He didn’t elaborate on the details, but based on the company’s current engine lineup we can take an educated guess at what might sit under the hood. It already has the 1.6-liter turbo four cylinder from the Veloster Turbo available for transplant with 201 hp, but that isn’t the only performance engine in its arsenal.

Depending on which direction the company wants to take its performance version, if it takes it anywhere at all, Hyundai could also consider borrowing the 2.0T from its Genesis sport coupe. With that power rating bumped up 30 percent over last year for a total 274 hp, it could stand to offer some serious performance while cutting out some of the potential development cost.

Then again, either of those options would probably cannibalize sales for the donor vehicles, which leaves the last (admittedly less practical) option: turbocharging the Elantra’s current 1.8-liter engine which makes 148 horsepower without forced induction. The brand didn’t seem bothered by the idea of slapping a turbo into the Veloster, which gets a 63-hp boost over the naturally aspirated version, so it might not be unreasonable to think the company might follow the same path with the Elantra.

You can also expect other performance upgrades like a stiffer suspension, upgraded exhaust and probably a tweaked interior. If the company follows through, it could have a direct competitor to the Civic Si and the Volkswagen GTI. The Veloster Turbo is a sporty hatchback, yes, but its smaller size and weight keep it from being a direct rival.

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That would be awesome. Its nice to see that newer production cars have alot of horsepower compared to the last decade. The elantra is so light with that motor this thing will fly and a stiffer suspension to accommodate will be nice too. Hyundai is coming up fast. No longer going to be hiding in the shadows to be overlooked, step aside Honda!
i could see a performance model with the sonata 2.0t motor in the car.. it would be crazy though! But from a performance stand part hyundai still has some ways to go.
That would draw alot of attention to car enthusiast if that were to happen. This car would be a great seller for its performance. I believe Hyundai are gonna be working with BMW to make a better efficient engine but if it were to be focused towards performance that will be huge.
it would have to come with a true WRC or GT racecar campaigned throughout an entire season AT LEAST for me to consider buying it. I'd also need for it to be pretty innovative at minimum the same level of the focus ST.

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