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DRIVEN: Hyundai Drops The 2013 Elantra Coupe And GT, Now WHO Should Be Running SCARED

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In the plethora of econo car options, there's one car the Agents prefer over the rest of the pack.

That, my friends, is the [COLOR=blue !important]Hyundai Elantra[/COLOR]. Packaged in a stylish body, the Elantra can be optioned with luxury car-like features, has a nicer drive than some entry-level luxury vehicles, can achieve up to 40 mpg on the highway and is backed by an industry leading warranty. All at a reasonable price, most importantly.

Now Hyundai is expanding the Elantra lineup to include two new variants: A coupe and a GT -- hatchback.

That has me wondering two things:

1) WHO should be a bit concerned by the introduction of a competitive, [COLOR=blue !important]Hyundai coupe[/COLOR] and a hatchback?


2) What's it REALLY like?

These are two new variations on Hyundai's nicely selling Elantra. They are practical, reasonably priced alternatives to compact competitors. You already know the Elantra sedan; Hyundai has sold more than 250,000 since the car's U.S. debut. Now we get the Elantra coupe and the GT. The GT is a hatchback version of the platform. Elsewhere you will read about the Hyundai Veloster, the crazy, wildly styled three-and-half-door very sporty cousin that also shares the Elantra platform. The coupe and [COLOR=blue !important]GT versions[/COLOR], though sporty, put more emphasis on practicality than the wacky Veloster.

Do I want one?

Sporty hatch drivers might choose the Mazda 3 or the Volkswagen Golf over the Elantra GT. Coupe thrill seekers might like the Honda Civic Si. Of course, you can juggle options and payment plans all over the place, but cash-conscious buyers could find that the Hyundais wind up being your bargain choice. Pricing ranges from $18,220 for the base coupe to $22,920 for a nicely optioned GT.

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