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Do I need to replace my battery?

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Greetings all a few days ago I accidently left my battery on while sleeping in the car, I woke up and bought a durelast 12V jumpstart without the jumpstarter being fully charged (Durelast Jump Start and DC Power Source 12V Model DL-800) now my car battery wont hold a charge, it looks like). Do I just need to charge the battery for 24 hrs or do I need to get a new one what do y'all think is happening
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Have you driven the car any appreciable miles? It will take many miles of driving for a discharged battery to be recharged by the alternator.
Many hours to get close to a full charge. Best to purchase a trickle or small 6-10 amp-hour charger and charge overnight to save gas and get a better charge. The DL-800 may be one but you can read the manual for more info.
How old is the battery, you don't mention the year of your vehicle or if you've ever replaced it.
If it is 5 years old and you ran it down that low it could have damaged it. Heck, even if it's new itoculd be damaged. I would take it to AutoZone/O'Reilly/Advanced and have it tested. They can do a load test and tell you if it is good or not.
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