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the screen, reduce the aperture ratio will reduce the transmission rate, so the IPS application will need more light in the LCD TV, and to some extent, the power consumption will be larger. IPS screen has the advantages of high visual angle, fast speed, accurate
color reproduction. Compared with other types of screen, IPS screen is more hard, with the hand gently uniform deformation of the water pattern is not easy, so there is a hard screen said. IPS screen light leakage defect is a more serious problem, black
purity is not enough, compared to less than PVA, so we must rely on the compensation in order to achieve a better black optical film. 2, VA (soft screen) Fujitsu's MVA Technology (Multi-domainVerticalAlignment, multi quadrant vertical alignment technology)
can be said to be the first appeared in the wide viewing angle LCD screen technology. This type of screen can provide a larger visual angle, usually up to 170 degrees. Improved P-MVA class screen visual angle of up to 178 degrees, has been close to the
current consumer at home to watch the needs of the time can be reached 8ms. Samsung Samsung PVA Technology (PatternedVerticalAlignment) also belong to the scope of VA technology, it is the inheritance and development of MVA technology, improved
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