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protection layer. Select the wood lines, the requirements of the material behind the formation of smooth, smooth surface to protect the paint evenly. According to the width of the line to play the shell line, with the wall dry before construction. 2. Wall drilling installation of wooden wedges in the dry walls of the construction began, in order to make the solid lines more solid background wall, you can first set the wooden wedge for the wall bracket. Requires the alignment with the spring line, wedge flat and close to the
wall. So that the background wall material can be more uniform and stable force, and for the light texture of the wooden lines, as the case may not use wooden wedges, directly installed on the wall. 3, the installation of wood lines to install the work of wood lines on the wall, the first use of staple methods, the use of the groove or the rear view of the use of nail fixation requirements of the nail should be smashed flat into the wood line fixed wall does not appear loose, Can be supplemented by viscose. Spacing of
wood lines for splicing, cross-section of the use of viscose fight mouth, to fight mouth smooth, the overall alignment formation. 4.Moline line backdrop Note With wooden lines as the backdrop, pay attention to the design drawings made of correct size, elastic line clear, so that the installation location to be correct. Molding joints required seam without error, cutting angle neatly, the same angle, each block must be identified before the next piece of the installation.Home decoration, 80 percent of people will choose
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