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We are glad to introduce custom Coverking seat covers for Hyundai Elantra at CARiD.
Unlike other universal seat covers, these are tailored for your particular model and will fit like a glove. We have custom templates for pretty mach all year models of Hyundai Elantra starting with 2001.
These covers will be a good solution if your seats start to wear out, you search for some protection from pets or want to
refresh interior with different materials and colors.

These covers go on top of your seats, so you don't have to remove upholstery.
You can select one of 11 materials on your choice. Starting with light and durable synthetic and finishing with premium leather or perforated suede.

You can purchase either a set of covers for the front seats or a complete set for the front and rear seats.

Select your year model, check prices and choose your covers here: Hyundai Elantra Seat Covers - Custom Elantra Seat Cover at CARiD

Neosupreme Painted



Genuine Leather



On this YouTube video you can see how to put the seat covers on and how do they look after installation:

What do you think about these seat covers?

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Hey guys,

The time flies by and brings lots of changes to the seat covers field, so now it's time for a quick update. Two titans of seat covers manufacturing industry, came up with the most extraordinary upholstery designed this year. Undoubtedly, the unique, yet durable seat covers are the excellent addition to any interior. Now changing the appearance of your ride's interior is easy, find appropriate covers to match and they will underline your loyalty to the certain lifestyle. Sporty, military, collegiate, and even seat covers for pet owners are available.

Here at CARiD, we've gathered the freshest seat covers options available on the market, check them out below:

Coverking® - Designer Printed Neosupreme Custom Seat Covers


CalTrend® - PetPrint Custom Seat Covers


Coverking® - Licensed Collegiate Custom Seat Covers


Coverking® - Multicam™ Camo Custom Seat Covers


Coverking® - A-TACS™ Tactical Camo Custom Seat Covers


What seat covers style would you choose for your Elantra: the ones with embroidered university logo, paw printed ones or camouflage / classic designed ones?
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