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Hey fellas
I have pretty serious situation, looking for advice
I have 2013 Hyundai Elantra Coupe with 52.5k miles on it
I'm the second owner , car was running great, no issues , no leaks or warning lights (I also have computer to check any issues - no codes are present)
I came to dealership for regular 52.5k miles check up and oil change.
Right after I left a dealership I've noticed the oil dripping on the floor - thought it might be normal since they just replaced it.
After a night in a garage I found big spill of oil on the floor and went back to dealership right away.
They showed me where it's leaking (somewhere between engine and transmission ) and said that it have no relation to recent oil change. They said that in order to fix it they have to take transmission out and inspect the leak. I Agreed to proceed because leaking was pretty bad. The next day the found that rear seal is leaking and I agreed to replace it.
But it wasn't the end. few days later they send me the photo of additional damage - the crack in the transmission was found and they said it have to be replaced.
They've contacted the Hyundai USA in order to ask for warranty replacement but Hyundai declined the claim ( I believe transmission covered for 10years 100k miles for first owner and then cuts down to 5years/60k for second owner)
The best deal they gave me is 2000$ for labor and part, but I find it very strange of coincidence - the car was never damaged and I drive and maintain it carefully ( as well as previous owner, it's my friend). The leak appeared same day when they replaced the oil and inspected the car.
Any advice on what could possibly cause such a damage, or it might be a trick from the dealership?
The photos of transmission attached and so far I've only been told that it could be either factory defect or result of a crash (car was never been in accident)
Your thoughts?
Photos attached

PS. The car is still at the dealership and I'm in touch with Hyundai USA to reconsider my case.
Anyone who have suggestion or advice can also call/text me 917 792 9373 or comment here . I live in West New York ,New Jersey.
Thank you in advance

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