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Good morning all,

I have searched and googled trying to correct this loud clunking noise from the front passenger tire. My 2013 GLS has 120k miles. The noise only happens when the car is in drive and accelerates as my speed increases. It is very loud at low RPMS, but if I give it lots of gas, it goes away. If I hear the noise, then switch to Neutral, it goes away. It is definitely coming from the front passenger wheel area.

To try and address this issue, I have done numerous repairs. Replaced struts, sway bar links, lower control arm, and CV axel. The noise seems to be better, but once the car is aligned at the shop, the sound returns. I have checked for loose bolts, but all are tight. If I push up and down on the car while it is parked, I do not hear the noise. If I turn the wheel side to side, the noise is not there. I only hear it after it is aligned and when the car is driving (hitting bumps does not make it worse or better).

Maybe a wheel bearing? I am at a loss now what else to try, and I am getting tired of working on this car! Any advice would help.
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