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Baby weak constitution, determine the need for safe and healthy living space. How to create a good atmosphere in the children's room, let your baby grow up healthy and happy, became nowadays many parents are most concerned about the topic. Some seemingly innocuous small details, but often overlooked parents. Experts remind children's room decoration, details are very important.
use of environmentally friendly building materials and decoration
Children's room decoration, the selection must be natural and wood-based, taking into account also the lighting and ventilation. To ensure that the children's room to meet environmental requirements, the key is to do a good job green decoration six major areas: scientific design (ventilation, according to mining, etc.), environmental protection, building materials, construction standards, quality control, supervision and the amount of green flowers. Experts point out that, after fitting to open the window cleaning, ventilation can stay about a month later.
Try not large glass
Senior designers believe that the lack of self-protection awareness of the child, so the most important thing is to avoid possible injuries. So, try not to use indoor large areas of glass and mirrors; power to ensure that children can not insert a finger, with the best selection of cover. Toy shelf not too high, otherwise the child when the toy is easy to pick and place furniture or move down when climbing fall.
Do not rooms "angular"
Children's room decoration, the corners of the room not only to the main round. In the purchase of furniture, furniture edges and handles should not leave sharp edges and corners and edges to avoid sharp corners tables and chairs allow children running around chasing hit. Relatively high use furniture bolted to the wall or floor, can not simply be placed. In addition, children curious, restless, furniture, children's play is likely to be the object of assembled furniture bolts, screws securely engage requirements to prevent children yourself disassembly.
Some folding chairs in a move that may pinch the child during a collision so folding table, chair protective device should be set to avoid pinching the child or children sit turn.
Ideally, parents who have to buy to protect the safety cable or switch locking folding table, chairs.
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