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Hi all

I got a 2010 Elantra Sedan for my mother with 54k miles (driven in Chicago area). I assume it is due for a transmission drain and fill and possibly 2 if the fluid looks really bad. I am seeing a lot of conflicting information about doing it as it seems to vary a lot depending on the year. Some say it has a serviceable filter some say it does not. Some say you need to drop the pan. Some say there is a fill plug.

I did it before on my 09 Honda Fit and the procedure was jack up the front from the front center jack point. Put it on jackstands on the front side pinch welds, undo the plug, drain, put plug back on with new washer, drop it down and fill 3-4 qt with Honda ATF via dipstick hole checking the fluid after running and turning off the ignition (30-90 sec after).

It looks like it may be the same procedure on the Elantra other than it looks like I can just jack up the passenger side but I am having a tough time finding where is a good jacking point.
I don't know if it has a fill plug and and if I need to drop the pan.

Reading other threads it looks like the NAPA Eneos SP fluid would be a good bet.

Do you recommend a flush? Honda are adamant that they never be flushed only do multiple drain and fills. It looks like the Hyundai can from what I have read? Or is that overkill at 54k miles.
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