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Hello all

I have an Avante 2012 M16 GDI imported from Korea (basically, a Korean Elantra), I have a problem with the Bluetooth of the head unit (BT w/o Nav) and my Android phone Google Nexus 5, firmware 5.1.1 where:

1- Controls to change/pause/stop/forward/rewind music using the steering wheel buttons are not working.
2- Information of the music playing are not showing on the screen, it only show "MP3 Playing"
2- Commands spoken are in Korean.

I have searched the internet, and found out that I can update the firmware using a CD or a USB stick, the commands are simple to do that, all I need is the update files.

I have been able to access the update menu of the head unit, the following information are shown on the screen when I access the update menu for the head unit:

S/W: V1.02.KOR

Can any one help by sending me the latest firmware update hopefully to solve the above issues, or at least to have my car updated with the latest software?
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