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Best Selling Cars Around The Globe: The 100 Models That Sell The Most Worldwide In Q1

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I know how much you like big rankings… Last week, I gave you the Top 265 best-selling models in China in April, but you also enjoyed the Top 265 best-selling models in the USA over Q1 2012 and the Top 318 best-selling models in Europe in 2011.
So today, before our worldwide roundup monthly appointment (coming up next week!), I thought I would share with you one more sizeable ranking: my estimation of the Top 100 best-selling cars in the world over the First Quarter of 2012.
Does that make you happy?
No? Well there are 163 additional countries and territories for you to visit in my blog, all one by one. Click. The link. You will love it.
Back to the world.
As I mentioned in my last world roundup, it’s looking like the hybrid era has now started for good around the world…

Read more at:http://www.thetruthaboutcars.com/20...dels-that-sell-the-most-worldwide-in-q1-2012/
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Hot ****. How did so many Corrallas sell in 2011? Prius jumped up like 40 spots in one year. good for them
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