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avg. mileage screen displays clarification

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So I reset my trip odometer to zero after I filled up with premium (I want to see how much it improves gas mileage, compared with 87 octane). I literally drove from the gas station to my house: 11.2 miles. Most of it was highway miles, which explains the Fuel Economy/Average reading/display of 50.2 mpg. However, when I shut off the car, the Drive Info/Avg. reading/display showed 34.9 mpg. I would expect both to be the same numbers for this first trip, where I reset it back to zero. And it was definitely reset, as I witnessed the dash lines that displayed whenever you do that. What am I missing here?? Thanks!
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How odd. Just a guess, but one of the readings, probably Drive Info, is retaining previous data even though you set it to zero.

Possibly the Drive Info and Fuel Economy are calculated with different algorithms.
More than likely you will not get any improvement in MPG by spending the extra 30-50 cents per gallon. If your car is designed to run on 87 octance and does not have pre-ignition issues, the extra octane rating will only lighten your bank account.
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On my truck or my car I just traded for the Elantra I never saw a difference in MPG w. Premium ! But Non corn gas maybe 1 to 3 mpg gain,, have not tried Non Ethanol gas yet in the Elantra
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