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Probably one of the world’s most famous stretches of pavement among everyday drivers, the Autobahn is known for its no speed limit policy, but a bill proposed in Germany could change that by year’s end.

Suggested by Germany’s Green and Social Democratic Parties, the idea is to limit drivers to 80 mph, or 130 km/h in an effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It isn’t a popular move, though. German “Automobilclub Mobil” conducted a survey that showed 82 percent of respondents against the idea.
Now the group is trying to assemble 100,000 signatures in a petition against the bill as well. The Social Democratic Party tried to impose a speed limit on the Autobahn in 2007 as well, but failed in its attempt.
The notion that reducing the speed limit will have a significant impact on greenhouse gasses is being called ridiculous by the ADAC, Germany’s largest automobile club, which says the change would only reduce emissions by 0.5 percent.
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