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We are excited to announce a change in how registration is handled on the site. Over a year ago we made some major changes to registration and account security on our network. Since then we have been evaluating our current registration processes and listening to feedback from our communities regarding account registration. The majority of users favor a cleaner more streamlined process that does not sacrifice your security. We are making these changes to also bring us inline with other media companies and meet a current registration standard. A few quick points to illustrate what we are doing.

New users will be given the option to sign up as a basic member or a premium member at registration (if applicable).
New users will be given the option to connect social media accounts to validate their registration.
New users will also be given the option to activate accounts via SMS and email.
Often Confusing and complicated CAPTCHA puzzles will be replaced with a more simple "I am not a Robot" acknowledgement using "reCaptcha" .
Custom registration fields will be turned off for now while this is being deployed. Plans to re introduce a more practical way for users to share personal data is being worked on.
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