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You knew this was coming. Shortly after Hyundai and Kia admitted that their internal processes for calculating fuel economy were flawed, resulting in a major program to compensate drivers for lower-than-advertised mile-per-gallon numbers and the re-rating of a large percentage of the two-headed Korean automaker's vehicles, we have word of a lawsuit.

There had already been a lawsuit seeking class-action status filed in California well before the admission of inflated fuel economy claims was made. This latest suit was filed in Ohio on behalf of Molly Simons, a 2012 Kia Rio owner, and Rebecca Sanders and Jeffrey Millar, owners of a 2013 Hyundai Elantra. Both of these models were included in the 900,000 or so vehicles cited by the automakers as having incorrect mileage estimates.

According to Automotive News, this lawsuit seeks, in addition to covering legal fees and unspecified damages, to allow owners of affected Hyundai and Kia models in Ohio to back out of their purchase or lease agreements. Both Hyundai and Kia have so far declined to comment on the lawsuit.

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