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Hello, I used to work with a gentleman who lives over an hour away and drove a V6 with 300K miles on it. The car had roughly 90psi across all cylinders. He was spending about 700 dollars a month in gas.

I finally convinced him to let me find him a car. Just so happened that we found an 03 Elantra in great shape with only 97k miles. I also own a 02 Elantra GLS, so that is a plus when it comes to repairs. Both his and mine are a manual trans. The only issue that his car has is that the AC is not blowing cold air. Its barely colder than the outside temp. I had the dealership charge it before our purchase and they said that it was blowing slightly colder. It has not changed. I got a can of AC recharge to use its gauge and on the low side, while the car is on and the AC on, the gauge reads about 68 PSI. I know this is high.

The compressor pulley spins, the center portion of it is also spinning. I checked all of the fuses, but not sure on the relays. I dont know how to check if they are bad. Anyhow, his old car also had no AC and it only blew hot air. I feel bad and I am trying to correct his AC issue. The compression on the engine is 150 PSI across the board as well. I have not had this issue on my Elantra and I can not identify the issue without throwing hundreds of dollars at it to part swap. Is this common? Would someone be willing to help me get this straightened out? I have the car at my house for now until it is corrected so it is available for me to work on and report back here.

Thanks for the help in advance!
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