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too low, to facilitate the watch is the best.5, modern fashion style TV cabinet size 2000 * 400 * 390 mm �� �� delicate appearance, simple design, is a product of modern small family to live in a very practical living room TV cabinet six classical, American TV ark �� �� size 22400 * 500 * 22400 mm American classic TV ark, luxurious atmosphere,
simple rustic, the width of the TV ark and above that don't vary that much, height is a little more for some, as a whole is a combination of furniture.7, Chinese style style TV ark �� �� size 1800 * 500 * 1800 mm in the style of TV ark shows the culture characteristics of China, believes that many would prefer the traditional family, the television
cabinet width slightly narrower, suitable for tie-in and other furniture.8, British solid wood bedside table size 2204 * 570 * 480 mm �� �� British TV ark is simple and has real wood quality, can make whole household environment with a special flavor, the size of TV ark is more common, but if you want to put in a large sitting room, still want to add
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