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Hey guys, I'm not new to auto-manual swapping I've done it to a few cars since I was a kid half my life ago.

I've got a '00 Elantra Auto, trans was bad only worked in 1st gear. I just swapped with another used trans.. it works better but also bad, has no 2nd or 4th gear.
I have a buddy that was going to come from out of state to pickup the car. I can get $200 back for trans if I remove it again, car was only $300 for me orig.

QUESTION, if I have a donor car in self-service junk yard, how about a manual swap?

[I am mitsubishi familiar the most, you know these Hyundais came from Mitsu tech first]

I could swap trans w/ flywheel/clutch, manual shifter assembly, cables between shifter/trans?, manual pedal assembly(and clutch master to go with?), clutch hydo line & slave(hydro not cable right?)..... and.. where do the electronics leave me?
Is this slightly more advanced than an easy swap, can't just wire the trans to always be in park and skip the reverse light? (my bad trans is throwing check engine codes now)
just trying to figure how crazy a task it would be, thanks
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