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New 2023 with 1300 miles. Occasionally, when steering wheel is eased to the left (like a lane change) the traction control engages. Based on the sounds from the car it appears to be engaging on the driver's front. Took it in to dealer service and was able to take their lead tech and show him. Suspected a wheel speed sensor, but after checking them the issue was resolved. He drove it that time and experienced it as I did. Hyundai engineering was already onsite checking another car. They took it out, but couldn't get it to do it again. But, I had a video, so he did see it happen. Been at the shop a week now. Advisor says they have gone through traction control system, checked connectors, wiring, etc and didn't find anything. They haven't replaced anything and engineering told them to release the car back to me. So, I'm expecting it to happen again.

Anyone had this issue? Thoughts?


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