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Hi, just bought a 2022 elantra sel premium Saturday, after never having even ridden in an elantra before and it is amazing!

I've never driven a car with the speedometer on the left before and I must say it is extremely annoying when trying to find my speed while driving. I also haven't been in a car without a digital speed number on the dash somewhere since 2006.

Is there anyway to change the look of the dashboard panel? Are they widgets that can be swapped out? I mean changing the driving mode does it, is there a menu setting I missed? Or a pcm upgrade to change it? (Do they call it a pcm?)

Also, is anyone aware of a place that sells panel replacements for the silly circle next to the driver's mirror? (At first I thought it was an NFC sensor for starting the car with a smart card/phone instead of the key...)

Planning on keeping this one for at least 10 years, so I am interested in customization options.

Thanks for any advice!

White Automotive design Grey Gauge Speedometer

White Light Automotive design Speedometer Plant

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