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Hello, everyone. I just leased a 2021 Elantra SEL two weeks ago. I was hoping I could get some feedback and comments about something I think isn't quite right. It's minor, but annoying.

I don't think the gas gauge is accurate. I'm not 100 % sure, which is why I'm here asking for advice.

When I drove the car off the lot, I noticed the gas gauge needle was moving fairly quickly. It started right on the F line, but when I got home, less than four miles, it was already off the F line. With my previous Elantra (2019), I could drive 50 miles before the gas gauge began to move off the F.

I filled the gas tank up after 13 days, and 184 miles--although there was already a few miles on that tank of gas, since the dealership had to fill it before giving it to me. The gas gauge read less than half full. It was on the first line below the midpoint. (The attached image shows a yellow arrow that points to that position.)

When I got my first fill-up, the receipt said 5.63 gallons were put in. This is where I began to believe something's wrong.

The tank holds 14 gallons of gas. That means the halfway point on the gas gauge should be 7 gallons. When I drove into gas station, the gas gauge was where the yellow arrow points to. That's MORE than 7 gallons, if I understand the gauge correctly. But the tank took less than 6.

As you can see in the attached image, this tank only has 51.6 miles on it. The previous tank of gas averaged 30 mpg in round figures. So, I've used less than two gallons, but look at where the red needle is.

This doesn't seem accurate to me. Am I right? This just doesn't feel right to me. Is the gas gauge not calibrated correctly? I figured I'd as about it here before going to the service department of the dealership.

What do you think? Thank you. Jd

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