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"PHANTOM BRAKING" is the new name coined by class action attorneys for the condition where you may be driving along and all of a sudden, the brakes are applied for absolutely no reason. No vehicle in front of the car and /or pedestrians stepping into traffic. There are class action lawsuits against Honda and Tesla for this very condition that I have /had in my 2020 Elantra Limited since day of delivery over two years ago with no relief or resolution to this safety problem, none whatsoever and the car has been to more than 4 dealerships that all come up with that typical "vehicle performing as designed". It's funny that I filed a complaint with NHTSA years ago and nothing, but recently Tesla has been identified as having PHANTOM BRAKING and the attorneys and Feds are all over it. I have had over a dozen close calls of being rear ended and one driver was about to get physical because I gave him a "brake job" (slamming on the brakes to cause an accident ) Along with not only having Phantom Braking, the car also gives off False alarms of vehicles in my Blind Spots when there's no other vehicle anywhere near me, the Stay in Lane feature has the car pulling into the broken line areas on the highway so it appears that the driver is impaired. These are the Safety Defects, there are also 16 other defects with the car that no Dealership and/or Hyundai Customer Service will address. I firmly believe that the genius that came up with Soy Based wiring insulation made a big mistake and that the issues with this car may be from the fact that this car sat outside thru a couple of New England winters and became the winter ski lodge for Mickey, Mini, and friends. Kidding aside, Has anyone else driving Hyundai vehicles experienced this issue? and if so, I URGE you to report it to NHTSA ( I just filed new complaint with them ) as the email I got today from Hyundai Consumer Assistance said, I need to bring the car to a dealership so they can duplicate the problem before they will get further involved, really? why do you think it's called "PHANTOM BRAKING? This is probably my 4th and last Hyundai. I don't think any consumer driving any brand of vehicle wth this defect should basically play Russian roulette every time they get behind the wheel.
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