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2019 Hyundai Elantra replacement rear license plate holder

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I am looking for a replacement license plate holder for the rear, but am shocked to find that I cannot find one. I can find plenty of front license plate holders, but not rear ones. I replaced the rear valence panel and it has 2 holes integrated where I would screw in a license plate but there is nothing to screw into. There are also 2 divets where it looks like something could be pressed into place. I already tossed the old part so I can't look to see if it is different... Sorry for the silly question but I am kind of stumped by how to proceed.

Link to the valence panel in case it helps. https://www.carparts.com/valance/replacement/rh76430012
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Interesting issue.

If you have a newer car you can visit the dealer and see how cars there are set up. Then, you can take a photo of what you need with your phone and show it to the person at the parts desk.

If your car is older, find a salvage yard with your type of car and pull off the parts you need.

Seeing what you need will let you know what direction to go in.

Have a guess. Since Hyundai sells cars in 160 countries, there may be multiple ways to install rear license plates. You may need to drill some holes. Again, first see what the finished product looks like.
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