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2019 Elantra

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New to this forum. We are on our third (and last) Hyundai.
97 accent was great.
2004 ELANTRA, brakes locked up 2K miles beyond the warranty. Ultimately, replaced the engine at 137K.
Latest, 2019 Elantra...
At about 100K miles, began stalling in traffic. In Chicago at rush hour on a Friday.
On our way to help a son's family moving to Maryland from Wisconsin. (So we were stuck paying).
Took it to a dealer, who changed the air filter and spark plugs. $600 and didn't fix the problem.
Ultimately, the engine light went out and we attributed that episode to bad gas.
Ran fine until engine light came on again at 106K miles. Indicated CVVT solenoids (one or both) were bad.
Replaced the solenoids, engine light remained on.
Engine ran modestly rough. Never stalled, just felt like low power when idling. And sometimes when accelerating. Kicked into passing gear at low speeds.
Took it to the dealer, now $1600 to replace the exhaust VVT sprocket, which was the original problem.
That 100K warranty is SO alluring, but beware of what's right down the road ahead of you.
After the warranty expires, when Hyundai no longer knows your name.
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