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Hey Everybody,

I purchased a 2018 Value edition around a year ago, no plans on doing anything to crazy with it. It needs to stay my reliable daily driver so other cars can be messed with more. I would like to make it a bit nicer in a few areas though, mainly in the suspension. Only parts missing from the pictures are the upgraded exterior mirrors with signals and fog lamps. Will take new pictures soon.

I am an ex Porsche and Volvo technician, and euro/jp tuner. I used to create paddle shifter conversions and electric push button shifters for automatic and H manual transmissions. Allowing you to remove the shift levers from the car entirely. This made for some fun Sema builds. Did work for companies such as Shelby, Panoz, Factory Five, Superformance, Hoonigan. I currently run a company called Shogun Motorsports in So Cal, where we design and manufacture crash protection parts and accessories for motorcycles. I have owned a few Hyundai and kia over the years, my favorite of which was an 04 tiburon 2.0 that I boosted.

Current Cars:

1995 SVX
1992 MX-3 RS with BP Swap
2018 Elantra Value Edition

Looking forward to seeing what other people are doing with their cars and learning more along the way.

Future Plans for Elantra:

Custom Lip Spoiler (Currently working on)
Sway Bars
4>1 Header and Exhaust
Genesis or Elantra Sport Steering wheel rewired to work like OEM
Clear Signal OEM Healights
New Grill
Undecided on lip kit currently


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